Why a fundamental change

The current state of the psycho-social sphere seems to lead humanity into an abyss. 

  • Potential dystopian scenarios:
    • Climate change
    • Nuclear catastrophe 
    • Pandemics
    • General AI
    • Destruction of biodiversity
  • Hunger despite technical solutions
  • Universal paralysing infodemic
  • Ineffective engagement of the intellectual elite 
  • Objective precarity on the one hand and constant search for hyperstimulation (consumerism, obscenity, extreme polarizations…) on the other.

The efforts of many valuable organizations and individuals that we strongly support are focused on isolated challenges that require immediate attention. Anyhow, the challenges we are facing are merely the effects of the same set of issues and although treatment of those effects is necessary it seems that partial solutions will not get us anywhere near elimination of the cause of existing and potential future challenges.

Therefore, we think that only the fundamental change of the psycho-social sphere (possibly the most fundamental in the history of mankind) could truly unlock the doors of further prosperity of conscious entities.

Some of the crucial elements of this change are:

  • Restoring intellectual humility, courage and integrity
  • Rethinking communication
  • Saving knowledge from information pollution